Network monitoring system with simple IP subnet calculator tool project is implemented in Asp.Net web technologies and C#.Net programming language. Main aim of this project is to develop a security system or analyzing system inside a locally connected system inside organization and a IP subnet calculator tool is used for only class c IP. 

In every organization systems are connected to a network to make work easier for sharing files and folders. Security is important in locally connected system and there should be a monitory system on client and server side. In this project current sessions monitory method is introduced and using this system we can know folders that are accessed by users by displaying user names. Usernames and IP addresses are stored in server when client login to the system. From server we can select clients IP address and monitory modified files, new folders and deleted files. 

In working environment remote system monitoring is performed regularly for installations, deployment, solving issues and other operations. Remote desktop operations are also performed from homes. 

This project report covers detailed explanation of every topic with ER diagrams, dfd diagrams, user case diagrams. 

Download Network monitoring system with simple IP subnet calculator tool project report and source code.