Network Load Balancing Project Module Description


  1. Authentication Module.
  2. IP Address Representation Module.
  3. Load Servers Module.
  4. Load Balancing Module.
  5. Report Module 

Authentication Module: 

            The authentication module is to register the new users and previously registered users can enter into our project. The admin only can enter and do the uploading files into the servers. After login by every user and the admin the sql server checks the login id and password is valid or not. If the login is not valid it displays that the login is not correct. 

IP Address Representation Module: 

            The IP Address Representation module is to give the IP addresses which we are going to assign those as servers. We can enter and view IP addresses from this module. In load balancing system we can connect the three servers [system]. The connection has to be represented by the IP Address representation only. 

Load Servers Module: 

            The Load Servers module has the authentication for the administrator only can enter into this module. The administrator will do the encryption of the text file and store into the servers which we are assigned in IP representation module. This module will make the both public and private key for the cryptography. 

Load Balancing Module: 

            The Load Balancing module has the authentication for users can enter into the upload page and can view the file name which the administrator stored into the servers. The user can select the file from the list and can download from the server which is in idle state. We will get the response time and from which server we are getting the file. Finally we can get the decrypted file from the key pair. 

Report Module: 

            We will get the response time and from which server we are getting the file. From the response time produce the chart report here. It compares the response time between the servers and download the given file in the better performance response time server. 

Sample Input and Output: 

            Input text file is given by admin and the encrypted format is stored in all servers. Output is decrypted file from the server which is in idle state. And it produce response time chart.

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