Net Pod PPT

Introduction to Net Pod:

Net pod project is implemented in platform using C#.Net coding language. Main aim of the project is to develop a intranet client application through which different departments in a company can share information. This application will be useful when every department inside organization are connected to each other using a dedicated local area network. 

Inside any organization file sharing is a important task for transferring information from one department to other department which is part of company functioning. Using this application every department inside organization will be updated with latest information. 

Other feature this application provides is group related operations. Users can create groups and set permissions to share files between them. 

In existing system file sharing is not available and large amount of time is taken for downloading files which is not efficient method. In proposed system file sharing and group sharing is possible and if any file is modified in the system will be observed by spy and provide date and time of modifications for every file.

Main advantages of using Net Pod is work is organized, convenient, updating latest information, comprehensive information and increased mobility.

This application is developed in two modules admin module and user module. 

Download Net Pod project source code, project report and ppt.

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