ERP application is different from Risk management. The risk is domain while ERP is model. Risks are imminent in any models (ERP, CRM etc).  An ERP is a combination of HR, Accounting, and Payroll, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management etc. The SAP is one of the ERP application platform providers.

Here, we shall concentrate on building a prototype ERP application (web-based), say a company portal managing the HR systems.

HR activities include onboarding of new recruits, exits of existing resources, incentive decision making, generic approvals/rejections etc.

The same can be shared with your team as a prototype of an ERP. Considering the time constraint of 8 days, HR portal is something which we can come up with.

The SQL server (backend scripts) would be provided along with front-end based application – the source code.

Please Note: If you have to demonstrate the system to others, the system must be equipped with below requirements :

Please note, the documentation work for

  • Visual Studio 2010 or higher should have been installed.
  • SQL Server management studio 2008 or higher.
  • .Net framework 4.0 or above.

Modules Included in this Project are below:


  • crm.aspx
  • EffortCalc.aspx
  • EmpPerform.aspx
  • HRM.aspx
  • Inbox.aspx
  • Login.aspx
  • manufature.aspx
  • ModuleAllot.aspx
  • NewProject.aspx
  • ProjectModule.aspx
  • Projectprogression.aspx
  • Registration.aspx
  • TeamDetails.aspx
  • TurnOver.aspx
  • VWReport.aspx

Team Leader

  • BenchMark.aspx
  • EmpPerformance.aspx
  • Inbox.aspx
  • TLHome.aspx
  • ViewWork.aspx

Team Member

  • Inbox.aspx
  • LeaveRequest.aspx
  • TMHome.aspx
  • UWProgress.aspx

Project Leader

  • Inbox.aspx
  • LeaveRequest.aspx
  • PLHome.aspx
  • ProjectAssigned.aspx
  • View.aspx
  • WorkReport.aspx

Download The Web based ERP Application using .Net Technology.