My Nearest Offers Android Application


The main objective of this Android project is “My Nearest Offers”.  Now a days mobile app are being played a vital role in our life’s, by using this mobile app it will locate all the running offers around us.

Existing System:

The present existing system is either we have to go to malls, supermarket etc., and purchase our needing or we can search in website.


It is time taking process.

The offers may change from time to time so we cannot judge on one offer.

Proposed System:

In this proposed system we will create an app where we can get the present offers available in the malls/super market etc.

Suppose if any product is available for us we will get the total information about the product i.e rate, offers, discounts etc.


This is time saving application.

Also we get the product very easily and also get it for the very reduced rate.


The project overcome the problem which are in current scenario and we can introduce a new way to do shopping.

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