Mysql Project for Students on Report Programs Code Generator Tool Project Report

The main aim of ‘Report Programs’ Code Generator Tool system is to produce code assisted by necessary features and the user needs to provide some input related to the application. Those collected inputs would be saved on to the tablets and an ASCII file would be developed on the basis of the information gathered.

All batch programs consenting to a particular logic would be imposed with a similar structure by an automated code generator. Based on limited user inputs, the generator would produce the highest amount of program code. It would not only assist in decreasing coding time of programmers, but also extend the productivity by letting the programmers to concentrate on the application logic. This would lead to decrease in development costs and make code maintenance easy.

The Lexical Analyzer would examine the ASCII file and the necessary information from it would be gathered in data structures and they would be used to produce the required code. As soon as the entire data is extracted from the file, four files would be generated by the chief control file. These four files comprise the code required for the depicted features of main flow. In order to complete the application, the application specific code needs to be assimilated.

The Project modules include Input module, Interface module and Code generation module. The Database layouts include table layouts, namely Program table (PGM_TBL), Input table (INPUT_TBL), Field table (FIELD_TBL) and Report table (RPT_TBL). Output layouts include extract ASCII file structure. The information gathered from the front-end screens is used to create the ASCII files and that data is present in the tables too.

Download Mysql Project for Students on Report Programs Code Generator Tool Project Report.

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