My Mission without Crime Project Abstract

Introduction to My Mission without Crime Project:

My mission without crime project is implemented in java platform using HTML, java script , CSS as web technologies and oracle as back end. Main aim of this project is to develop a centralized automated system for police department for easily accessing information on crime records and information of criminal details from different locations. Using this application it is easy to prevent crime and easy to find out criminals. This application is visible to every police station across the territory and share crime records between them. Initially this application is fixed to cities and towns and later it is linked to different parts of the state.

This application include information of filed F.I.R , police station information and employees details, at any time officials can view case details with evidence and status of case.

In current situation if any citizen wants to give complaint against any crime they should go for manually and police department also has to investigate the case and they should maintain the reports manually. If the crime case is investigating in two different areas then mutual sharing of reports are not possible at the same time sending complaints in online also not possible to avoid this problem we are introducing a new concept called “My Mission without Crime”.

This application is implemented in seven modules admin module, investigation module, writer module, registration module, F.I.R module and Evidence module. For detailed information on each module students can find in project abstract.

For more information on this project students can download project abstract from below download link.

Download My Mission without Crime Project Abstract from this link.

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