Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network Recovery Documentation

Introduction to Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network Recovery Project:

We can’t imagine a world without internet these days, the very fact that we use internet for even small things such as navigation or even finding a favorite recipe explains how much it has influenced all of our lives. Moreover the abundance and easy access to internet unlike olden days have made internet mass popular.

We often face problems while accessing the internet and the most re occurring problem is that of a decrease in browsing, uploading and downloading speeds sue to heavy net traffic, this happens mainly due to the failure of the nodes and slow  link recovery across network protocol. MRC or Multiple Routing Configuration is a new innovative technique through which perform a recovery process fast and effective after a node failure. 

Performance are analyzed by MRC by considering 

  • Scalability
  • Lengths of the backup path
  • Distribution of loads 

In cases of net traffic, MRC will reduce the congestion by recovering the traffic and improving its distribution. In the present network the traffic congestion is not managed properly as the work load is mainly relying upon link weights in many cases. Most connections throw light only on the cases where no failures happen.

In the case of load balancing, a better optimization can be obtained with the proposed MRC system as it has a very simple and effective approach.  The recovery is almost guaranteed on scenarios where single failure happens, MRC do this by managing the node and link failures under single mechanism. As this technique is sans a connection and uses hop by hop forwarding technique which are destination based for the assumption. During the diagnosis, if MRC detects a failure an additional routing information are maintained specifically which enables the forwarding of the packet to flow on that alter link without any delay 

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