Multiple Password Authentications VB Project Report

Introduction to Multiple Password Authentications VB Project:

The un imagined development in computer systems and uses has more concerned to the threat. The most threat area is the authentication of the computer access that is needed for the particular user to login. The current authentication process requires the password entry in the computer. The vast development in the computer usage for various applications such as the data transfer, data sharing, login to emails on internet need the password to access.

The demerits of the general password to be theft, forgotten etc. is great concerned to the user. So the multiple password technique is introduced to enhance the password authentication process for the specific user and to avoid the accessibility of password ( Sobrado and Birget, 2007). Currently various systems, internet and networks are based on the multiple authentication process.

The Dictionary technique is the very normal hacking method to crack the alphanumeric password, which actually requires less time to crack the password code. A current research of Dhamija et al, 2000 mentions that humans are able to remember very few passwords so require to note down, share and the use of similar passwords for more than one account. The study shows that the Graphical password technique is the optional that can replace the traditional password technique. This is developed to advance the traditional password technique. The technique is developed to remember the more passwords to people and threat free. The technique is based on the two ideas. The humans easily memorize the pictures than the alphanumeric characters and the pictures are equal to thousand passwords to memorize. 

The complete study of the project is got on fundamental concepts are recognized. The Project is focused on the multiple password authentications and its scope.                                                                                       

The objective is to develop a multiple password authentication with respect to the existing password system and calculate its threat concerns and applicability. The multiple password authentications is more advanced, applicable and cost effective authentication method that can be used in all systems. 

Download  Multiple Password Authentications VB Project Report.

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