Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems

Introduction to Multimedia Streaming Technology in 4G Mobile Communication Systems  Seminar Topic:

The present generation can be called YouTube generation, the video streaming site has taken the whole world by storm. Not only YouTube, thousands of video streaming sites are available in the net world where we can watch our favorite videos, upload them and even make money from them. But honesty without a speedy net connection, most of these sites are pretty useless as streaming process would consume a lot of our time and patience. 4G or the 4th generation mobile technology is often considered to be the fastest mobile technology till date.

The transmission rates go from 20MBps to a mind boggling 1GBps, that is seriously speedy stuff. The power of 4G can not only be observed during data transfer or streaming multimedia content, other features such as online mobile gaming, spot navigation and mobile banking are done with an increasingly higher speed and efficiency. 

Mobile phones all over the world mainly use two technologies CDMA and TDMA. The 4G technology has many objectives with the main one being increase in speed of data transfer. This technology enables streaming of videos in high definition quality and provides fool proof security while accessing mobile banking or making an online payment towards our purchase.

The main challenge that surface up while streaming are managing connections between various mobile networks which are heterogeneous. A CDMA network offers much more clarity and higher rate than a regular GSM network. Another major challenge is the protection of data transfer content. There are communities such as Internet streaming media alliance and Wireless multimedia forum which ensures the usage of standardized components.

The standardization itself is not only limited to mobile apps; it can also be used for various purposes like video streaming and video conferencing. An interactive platform would be provided for creating dedicated content.

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