Title: Multicast Routing with Delay and Delay Variation Constraints for Collaborative Applications on Overlay Networks
Study Area Review: Network security

Objectives: This application has the following objectives
• To reduce the interruption by placing tight bounds in collaborative applications.
• Video conferencing, online games and distributed database replication are indulged in collaborative applications.
• In the implementation time the competence of the project is analysed as better quality.
• By constructing the topology structure we prefer source and destination

Deliverables: This application delivers the following
• Working model of multicasting routing by considering delay constraints
• Secured application with better multicasting features.
• Prototype that calculate the efficiency of the data transfer across multicast network

Professional Project Claim

This project emphasises design and evaluates a web-based system using appropriate processes and tools, as follows

Software Requirements

Operating System : Windows XP professional
Coding language : Java

Hardware Requirements

System : Pentium IV2.4GHz
RAM : 256 MB
Floppy drive : 1.44 MB
Hard Disk : 40GB
Monitor : 15 VGA colour
Key board : 110 keys enhanced
Mouse : Logitech

My product will exhibit the attributes of quality, reliability, timeliness and maintainability in the following ways

• Efficient project plan is being constructed to permit the application to follow firm timelines
• The running standard templates are prepared to pursue the quality of document and literature review to make a quality documentation
• The entire java coding standards and best practices are meant to execute the quality of coding.
• The replica of Prototype software is being developed to confirm the application reliable
• Several levels of testing is finished to bring the quality product