Multicast Multipath Power Efficient Routing In Mobile Ad hoc Network Project

Multicast Multipath power efficinet routing in mobile adhoc network project is a 2010 project which is implemented in C# programming language. Main aim of this project is to implement measurement base algorithm which can maintaine load balanace for domain traffic along multipath pathis for multiple multicast sources. Multi path connection is established uisng application layer overlaying.  This paper explains about implementing algoritham which can work under different network models.

        This application consists of front end GUI where simulation and graphing options are provided. Performenece of the sytem can be analyzed by chanign different parameters like simlulation speed, total paths, current paths, node capacity, power efficiency, node selection. Analysis of each variation in power efficency and node selection is provided in simulation tab in the form of graph. This simulator clearly explains the improvement of power efficency using application layer overlaying.


 download Multicast multipath power efficient routing in mobile adhoc network project base paper and documentation.

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