Multi Threaded TCP Network Server Project in Java

Project Objective:

 This Multi Threaded TCP Network Server Project is to create a dynamic chat application with a server and clients to enable the clients to chat with many other clients at a time.

Project Description:

 The Final Year Engineering project has been developed in java swings.  The client should first register in this application as a valid user to the server. Once the server validates the user, server will add it as a member so that this new client can send and receive messages to and from other clients. The user is also updated with the user’s lists that are connected to the server currently. Once connected to the server the client will receive all the messages sent by other users in that automatically from the server.

  • The above specified interactions is being implemented using java tools and the particular instance where the Server sends the message to all other users of that group will be implemented using either TCP/IP or UDP socket.
  • The aim of this java project will be to create an application that will try to work as a multicast server.
  • Since there is only 1 server being used here, so the actual effect of multicasting will not be directly seen. But the main aim here is to reduce the traffic in the network by having a server which will actually propagate the messages in the network instead of the client trying to send the message to each of the user on its own.

 The existing system has got the following disadvantages:

  •   Tedious message broadcasting system.
  •   Message transfer is done through insecure communication media.
  •   It cannot multicast the messages. It is not multi server application.
  •   Creation of rooms is not possible the individual user.
  •   Group Communication is not achieved.
  •   The Server cannot Kick Out the user which is unwanted.

  The proposed system aims to fulfill the following:

  • Sharing of data in a real time environment, i.e., the data broadcasted can be viewed online simultaneously. 
  • Providing fast, secure, reliable and cost effective broadcasting communication medium between community members. 
  • Support for public and private channels of communication.
  • Personal peer messaging service. A user-friendly interface.
  • Operating System:   Windows NT/2000 (Client/Server).
  • Software requirements:  Front-end: Java J2SDK 1.5, Swings.

Hardware Requirements:

Pentium III Processor with 700 MHz Clock Speed

256 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD, 32 Bit PCI Ethernet Card.

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