Multi Purpose Bridge ECE Project

Aim: The Multi Purpose Bridge designed here can be used for crossing the road; the same bridge constructed with crane mechanism at its bottom side also can be used as crane for lifting & carrying the packages across the road without disturbing the traffic.

WORKING: The Multi Purpose Bridge is constructed with metal sheets & the crane mechanism is designed with two DC motors. The mechanical transition section is aimed to lift the luggage up to certain height & it is carried to the other side of the road.

The crane is controlled through wireless operates, & the wireless network is designed with RF modules operates at 433MHz, so that the operator can sit at one place & can handle the crane.

The control circuit is designed with 89C51, & motors are driven through ‘H’ bridge. The system is quite useful for big cities.

Multy Purpose Bridge Blockdiagram Includes

  • 89C51 MicroController
  • Motors Driving Circuit Designed with H-Bridge
  • 1st DC Motor is used to lifting and lowering the Luggage
  • 2nd DC Motor is used to Carrying the luggage across the road
  • RF Receiver operates at 433MHz
  • Antena
  • Power Supply unit for data transmitting module
  • +12V
  • +5V
  • GND

Remote control Card Designed with RF Transmitter

  • 9V Battery
  • 5V Regulator
  • Control Keys
  • 89C2051 Microcontroller used as Data Transmitter
  • RF Transmitter operates at 433MHz

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