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Multi Banking System Java Project

February 29, 2012

Multi Banking system project Description:

Multi Banking system projects main idea is to implement a web application through which users can perform different bank accounts transactions on a single platform. This concept is new idea for improving future banking and increasing confront for users. In general users need to log in to different online bank accounts to perform transactions which require many security issues and time taking process but using this application users can save their time and use all features that are available in the every bank.

Transaction calculations and updations are maintained by admin and provide customer support for users. This system will act like a mediator between banks and users. Users can maintain single username and password and contact only one customer care service for any problems.

This application is implemented inĀ  java, HTML and oracle.

download Multi Banking System projects abstract.

posted in CSE Projects, Java Based Projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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  1. Anand wrote:

    Sir can u provide the uml diagrams for it ???

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