MSc Project – Guidelines on completing a Proposal

The proposal must use the template provided on Blackboard. 

Student Name and Enrollment Number

Please ensure you complete these details

Project Title

The project title should be one you have devised yourself. If you do not have an idea for your project, look at the list of previous projects available on blackboard.

Is this an External Project?

An external project is any project that is defined or carried out outside of the University of Glamorgan. These projects may have an advantage in that commercially sponsored projects can lead to employment. However this type of project has an inherent risk with the student possibly limiting access to university facilities and staff and in the case of commercial projects conflicting project goals.

Proposed Supervisor (First choice)

This is your first choice of supervisor. It is not possible to guarantee the choice of supervisor.

Proposed Supervisor (Second choice)

This is the second choice of supervisor. It is not possible to guarantee the choice of supervisor.

Short Description of the Project

This should in 300-400 words provide some background as to the project.

Ethical and Legal Considerations

You should identify any ethical and legal issues relating to your project and explain how any such issues will be addressed. 

You may find it useful to consult the University’s “General Ethical Guidelines for Research and Consultancy” when completing this section.

Main Aim of the Project

You should provide an overall aim for your project, which is a declaration of what you would like to achieve at the end of the project.

Project Objectives

Around 3-4 objectives, which act as clearly defined stages that make up your project. The objectives should focus on the research which sets the context for the project, what you intend to create to achieve your aim, and how you intend critically evaluating your project.

Project Plan

A project plan should be provided which provides an estimate of the time that you think you need in order to meet each of your objectives.


Provide a small number of key references which relate to your project topic. This will demonstrate that your project is current and it is supported by articles, papers or books, which are accessible.

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