MS Project Dissertation on Implementation of Agile-Scrum Methodology

Title: Implementation of Agile-Scrum Methodology into Software Development

Study Area: Software development and management 

Aim:   To analyze the concept of implementing agile scrum methodology over the pre existing current models in software development to overcome existing development difficulties. 


Following are the research objectives of the project

  • Gathering the current existing software development models by conducting a survey in software industry.
  • Analysis of the Comparison outcome between agile scrum methodology to the existing methodologies (i.e. V model).
  • To prove how an Agile-scrum can be iterative, progressive development process leads to efficient delivery of useful software.
  • To discuss the importance of agile development method, and implementation of its principles and practices of Scrum technique.
  • Managing the Development of a software application at different stages involving Planning, Design, Coding, Testing and Implementation. 


Following are the research deliverables of the project

  • Literature review of existing methodologies across the software development industries.
  • Adaptive Flow diagrams, Pie Charts and Graphs to educate the need of Agile-Scrum Methodology into current era of software development.
  • Production of an Efficient, secured, reliable Software application maintaining industry standards within provided Resources and Timescale.
  • Building a software application on DotNet Framework with the use C# Programming, using Agile methodology throughout the development process.
  • Maintaining the software quality by usage of Agile Testing methods to maintain industry standards.
  • Practical results and observation Reports to enhance Agile-scrum methodology over Pre existing models.           


           The process of software development for any kind of organization is one of the absolutely vital in order to your software development team members to enable to achieve a better and best software project. The main purpose of software development plan is to accomplish the entire plan which is required in order to build, modify, upgrading and defect free software system while developing detail plans on how each step need to be deployed. It will be covering each and every aspect-right from the project process of software development which is as follows. 

  • The tasks which need to be completed in a software development
  • The start points and end points of the given tasks.
  • Any work  that can be dependent by previous or related to various departments
  • Who will be the accountable person for a specified tasks
  • Employee support throughout software development testing cycle 

Problem Definition 

           In years back to pursue above given tasks to acquire best software output within given time, software industries use appropriate software development methodologies. For example waterfall methodology. In this strategy software industries have been encountered so many technical and physical problems; implementing this methodology is very use full for small scale industries that cannot spend much money on giant usage software’s. The major disadvantages of this methodology are           

  • Once the project in the phase of designing stage of software development is completed, we cannot go back and amend the plan.
  • If anything went wrong in initial stage of project phase things can be really disaster at implementation stage.
  • When we are in middle of the project if our client needs some amendments to the layout, it cannot be rewritable.
  • The biggest disadvantage of this model is until the all project stages complete we won’t be knowing outcome of the plan has succeeded or not.
  •  So, some scenarios might be the case outcome of the project what has been design is not exactly what has been asked for. 

As we can see the above problems when we using waterfall methodology into a software development. In order to overcome these problems to achieve best project output and software product what clients and consumers have been looking for in right time within given resources, we have to follow the most advanced and reliable source of methodology such as agile scrum. 

Project Description

       The main objective of this Implementation of Agile-Scrum Methodology project is how agile scrum methodology can be iterative and successful implementation of software methodology for the software development in current modern world, and analyze the concept of implementing agile scrum methodology over the pre existing current models in software development to overcome existing software development difficulties. This below fig is project overview and it is model of entire system.

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