MS Dissertation Topic on Distributed Network for Detecting Faults across Network

The main aim of this MS Dissertation project is to evaluate the role of mobile agents in detecting the faults across the distributed networks and incur the fault tolerance techniques across the networks. To prove the proposed concept, Java based application is used in this project and the corresponding design is given in this project. A master server is used in this project and this server can handle two servers and each server considered can handle a maximum of two clients.

A distributed mode to the network is also provided in this project, where the newly clients are added to the next server if the maximum limit of the servers are done and in this way the load on the server is reduced a lot. Java Swings are used to design the user interface and the corresponding implementation procedure is given in this project along with the key discussion to important code is also given and a detailed evaluation to the results is also given.  From the detailed analysis of the results it is clear that there could be many chances for the faults to be occurred across the distributed networks and these faults can be in the range of link failures or distributed network failures.

All these link failures are identified by the mobile agent and displayed to the administrator at any point of time and this information is captured using a perfect database and now the administrators can handle these issues immediately by either setting the link status to ON or suggesting the users to choose an alternative path for the communication to happen. Few distributed network options like adding the clients and servers and sending the information to the desired clients and servers are also provided in this application.

Thus from the overall analysis it is clear that distributed networks are porn to faults and a perfect mobile agent can handle these faults and set back the network on state and ensure each and every client is always connected to the desired server even in the case of faults as the mobile agent can handle all the faults in an efficient manner and even the load on the servers are also reduced due to this mobile agents. The traditional handlings of faults across the distributed network are resolved using the mobile agent based approach. 

 Future work 

Apart from the work done against proving the importance of mobile agent in detecting the faults across the distributed network, future work can be done in this application to improve the scope of the application and it is listed as well. 

  • A detailed evaluation to the mobile agent methodology can be done in future to improve the quality of finding and detecting the faults across the distributed networks
  • Few real time simulation tools can be used to evaluate and compare different agent based fault tolerance techniques across the distributed networks
  • More number of servers and clients can be added to the application to understand the real impact of load on faults across the distributed networks.
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