The storage media is the type of technology that involves various devices and materials to place, keep and retrieve the data. The storage media process can be utilized to offer the space to store the computer network resources like servers and clients. The security is happened to be one of the significant aspect within the technology. This research paper provides the detailed outline of the storage medium, along with its networked storage solutions like DAS, NAS and SAN. This paper provides the information on the different vulnerabilities of the storage devices along with the security solutions i.e. investigation on several storage devices considering their evolvement,

Size, speed and how it can be used, risks involved and their remedy. The critical analysis on these devices gives us better storage device compared to others in terms of backup, speed, file transfer, connectivity, resource pooling and etc.


To investigate and critically analyze the effects of different storage media like shared RAM and solid state memories on the security of networks and computers


The main objectives of this research is

  • To understand the storage requirements for computer networks and prepare literature review on the existing storage media like shared RAM and solid state memories
  • To evaluate the current security threats across the implementation of storage media across the networks
  • To investigate different effects of storage media like Network memory servers and solid state memories against the security of computer networks
  • To propose solutions for a better security implementation across the computer networks