MS Dissertation Ad Hoc Network Project

With the introduction of technology in communication, there are many considerable changes across the basic communication patterns and there are many trends evolved in this context. Transfer of simple data items was the basic aspect introduced across the communication and later there many trends and due to heavy requirements from the customer’s side, the transfer applications (Hermeking,2005). In general to transfer the video and voice across a network, there are many requirements which include bandwidth and data rate and to provide these requirements a network should be build in a sophisticated manner. Transferring the voice and video applications across the wired networks is far easy when compared to the scenario with wireless networks like ad hoc networks. Supporting the multimedia applications requires lot of network requirements and the corresponding networks should made ready to support these multimedia applications as well(Brambley,2007).

Maintaining quality of service is the primary concern to be considered to support the multimedia applications across the ad hoc networks and there is lot of research done in this context. In general there are different types of ad hoc network and the key among them are mobile ad hoc networks and these networks are infrastructure less networks and can be deployed easily using any existing infrastructure and the requirements of maintaining the quality of service is high when compared to the other networks (Plagemann, 2005). There are many applications that range in different aspects that are supported across the mobile ad hoc networks and these applications include battle field applications and military applications. With the increase in communication requirements from the end users side, support to these applications across the mobile ad hoc networks is also increased and thus to support these applications the quality of service requirements are also required on a top standard. In general the quality of service requirements can be defined in terms of level of support provided to the applications and the guarantee provided to the applications across the network and these QoS standards depends on the application being supported across the network(Chlamtac,2003).

Bandwidth and delay are the important aspects to be considered while dealing with the quality of service requirements for the applications and suppose if an of data has taken application is delay. 

sensitive the corresponding QoS should support the delay metrics and when the case with the multimedia applications is considered bandwidth and delay plays the major role. Reliability is another important factor to be considered across providing the QoS standards if the applications are in need of a reliable packet delivery from a desired source to the corresponding destination. In general these QoS requirements vary against the number of applications as well and if the applications are added on the top of the network, the requirements of QoS standards are also automatically increased in different forms and the main principle behind applying these QoS standards is to ensure a safe and reliable communication (Liu, 2005).

Thus with the increase in the wireless communication technologies the expectations on the data transfer are also increased and in this context, the customers need more QoS standards to usage the sophisticated applications which include multimedia, video conferencing and gaming applications and all these applications are need of a high standard QoS requirements. As the ad hoc networks are dynamic in nature, maintain the QoS standards at the required levels is a tedious task and that too within the context and video and voice applications as they need high bandwidth and delay sensitive applications(Grami,2009). In general the quality of service requirements also depends on the type of traffic being generated across the network which will vary in the range of TCP, CBR and VBR traffic and by considering all these aspects, providing the required QoS standards is really a tedious job and the actual aims and objectives identified for this project are as given below

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