Morphing in Animation Seminar Topic

Introduction to Morphing in Animation Seminar Topic:

Morphing is an effect in animation which changes one image to another through a seamless transition. The main objective of the project is to generate a morph which is smooth and visually pleasing transition.

Animation is an sequence of image moved at a fixed frames per sec.

An e.g. of animation, where a bouncing ball has up to 6 frames which when moved at 10 frames per sec an motion picture is created on which the ball bounces.

Traditional animation is the process used in most of the Hollywood film in 20th century, most of the cartoon film are also made upon the traditional animation

  • Full animation – Is the process of delivering high quality animations.
  • Limited animation – Is the method of using less detailed stylized drawings.
  • Rot scoping – Is technique of tracing out live animation moments
  • Live action – Is technique of combining more live action shots.

Stop Motion animation is used to create a physically manipulating real world objects in to one frame. E.g. movement of a coin on the table

Computer software is available for creating such animations. Like

  • Puppet animation
  • Clay animation
  • Cutout animation

Modern Compute animations are mainly of two types.

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation

Computer animations are created digitally on a computer which takes less time than previous traditional animation. 2D animations are created using 2d bitmap graphics. This includes animation technique like interpolated morphing, onion skinning and interpolated rot scoping. 3D animations are digitally modeled and create an external mesh to manipulate a mesh and give a visual appearance of 3D environment.

                In current motion based animation films use cross-fading from one object to another, while in this project uses the linear polygon morphing which is an effective way in morphing. The other main animation techniques are

  • Character animation
  • Chuckimation
  • Multi-sketching
  • Special effects animation
  • Animatronics
  • Stop motion  

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