Modern Trends in wireless communication Seminar Topic

Introduction to Modern Trends in wireless communication Seminar Topic:

Modern trends in wireless communication s seminar topic explains about new technologies that are introduced in communication system which had changed the way of communication in terms of speed and quality of data transmitting. In this seminar topic we explain about fiber optic communication technology which is one of the widely used technology is voice, video transmitting.

Fiber optic communication is a communication technology in which light is used to transmit information in the form of pulses in optical cable. Light is converted in to electromagnetic carrier waves which will carry modulated information. This technology was introduced in 1970 which had rapidly increased its usage in day to day life which had replaced copper wire communication trend with optical fiber communication all over the world.

Procedure in transmitting optical signals in optical fiber communication systems involves different stages. Initially optical information is transmitted using transmitters and relaying optical signals along the cable, maintaining signal strength using amplifiers at different stages of transmission and finally converting optical signals to electrical signals.

Optical fiber history includes four generations of fiber communication systems which had gradually improved its performance in design, speed of communication and multiplexing techniques.

Main advantages of using optical fibers is  using a single cable we can transmit different  types of data like voice , video , packet on different channels using multiplexing techniques without reducing quality of data in a short span of time. Because of this advantage optical fiber communication had increase its importance in different fields.

In this seminar topic we cover detailed explanation of optical fiber transmitters, receivers, optical amplifiers and different multiplexing techniques used in fiber communication systems.

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