Modern Authentication to Enhance the Data Security


In this project, discuss about how data can be secured with the modern techniques called encryption and finger print authentication technique.


Fingerprint device, Encryption Technique, database to  store the user login and fingerprint and his data, web pages.

How it Works?

Firstly, A webpage will be displayed in which the user can signup/login using username and password and fingerprint. The each individual user can own a space, the space will be provided by service provider.

Next, The user wants to encrypt his file and has to store in his allotted space. And whenever the user wants to download the file, the file has to be decrypted and fingerprint of that user will b asked to download that file.


1.signup: username, password, email, phone, fingerprint and ask for space.

Service provider will accept the user and allocates space to the user.

2Login: username,password,fingerprint( if user is not accepted by the service provider then decline or else login).

3.after login:

the user uploads his file by encrypting so that the file cant understood by others and stores in his space. Again when the user wants to get his file , the file asks user fingerprint( just like a gateway pass) to decrypt the file. If the fingerprint is right then file can be downloaded otherwise it says unauthorized access.

Usually any encryption/decryption done with file and password(secret key). It takes secret key and file and encrypts and gives the encrypted file… a same way if user wants to decrypt file, he needs encrypted file and password(secret key) to getback original file.

This is the main project that i need to do…later on we will modify according to the project .

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