Modelling and Automated Containment of Worms Project Report

Modelling and automated containment of worm’s project report covers detailed explanation about project. Introduction of this project is explained below.

Internet is been widely effected with some type of worms known as Code Red, Slammer as well as Nimda which are caused because of some own codes done by the developers. Many research works are been carried out in order to identify the effects of those worms and to clash against those worm attacks. Among the total number of existing models related to worm attacks, Stochastic Branching Process Model is having its own significance in propagating the internet worms. This model is been aimed for the purpose of identical scanning worms which are been further comprehensive towards other different types of scanning worms over the internet.

A special resource called Containment Strategy will be developed within this process which is capable of securing the spreading of worms. This application will illustrate whether the spreading of worms can be stopped or not and it will even evaluate the results that identifies the span of uniform scanning worms. In this going process, there are different types of containment schemes that include uniform as well as local scanning worms which are been evaluated and authorized by making use of simulation through which the data present in the system will be secured from different threatening worms.

Existing System:

There are many existing systems that can be used to stop the spread of worms which includes the simulations with an association of different models such as randomized epidemic model as well as basic stochastic epidemic model which is complex and hard to get the appropriate results. The trends of worms are been detected but the worm rates are remained same in the system which is leading to scan traffic within the system which can be reduced only by using the filtering of worms.

Proposed System:

The proposed system will make use of the containment strategy and worm containment schemes which are capable of reducing the spreading of worms in the initial stage and it will even identify the host worms and its effect levels. In the proposed system, the fast scan as well as slow scan worms will be identified through which the entire worms present in the system can be detected. 

System Requirements:

The software requirements of this application are Java Swing, JFrame Builder and Windows XP tools.

Hardware Requirements:

The hardware requirements of this system are Pentium IV 2.6 GHZ with 512MB ram and 20Gm Hard disk along with 52X CD Drive. 

Download Modelling and Automated Containment of Worms Project Report.

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