Mobile Payment Service Java Project Source Code

This Project provides full documentation and source code for all Java students. To execute this project follow the below steps:

Soft wares Needed:

1. J2ME 2.5

2. JDK1.5.0

3. Tomcat 5.0

4. Eclipse 3.2

Running Process:

  • Copy the CartB2B folder (which is in the folder Code->J2ME)and paste it on the workspace.
  • Create a J2ME project using Eclipse named CartB2B
  • Copy the CartB2B ¬†folder (which is in the folder Code->JSP)and paste it on the Tomcat->webapps->ROOT
  • Start the Tomcat.
  • Right click the CartB2B file and click Run as Emulated J2ME
SQL Database tables created to store the information.

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  1. The folder that you are talking about, i.e Code->J2ME and Code->JSP are not there in the downloaded file.

    There are two folders with Tomcat files and CartB2B name, which one is to kept where?
    Please help….

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