Mobile Content Management System Project

Mobile content management system Project or CMS system is a master’s project developed in programming language. Main objective of this project is to help user to update new products to mobile stores and buy products from the store.

There are different modules developed for performing this operation.  List of forms used in this application.

Login form: Used to login to mobile CMS application using  registered user name and password. For this application (Username: admin ; Password : admin@)

About, contact us: Details about application and contact information of developers are provided in this form.

Change password: Users can modify existing password using this form.

Process order:  When user selects product from the list he should follow few steps. Adding product to chart,  process for payment.

Add product: When user want to add new product to list this form is used. Enter product name, product description, thumbnails..etc.

Register:  New use registration for generating unique user name and password.

Remove from Chart: After adding product to list user can remove product from chart using this form.

Store : List of products available on store are displayed using this form.

Support: For customer support on product user can find contact information in this form.

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