Mobile Configuration in Final Year Project

Mobile Configuration:

                             The importance of mobile configuration is for the determination of ultimate node moving patterns that are to be used in the scenario. The implementation of this mobile configuration is done from the object palette by selecting the mobile config object. Based on the users requirement the name of the object can be modified and for this simulation the name of the object is taken as “mobileconfig”.

The original random way point area can be extended by selecting the edit attributes option which is visible by giving right click on the mobileconfig object and then Random way point is selected by default. The settings of mobile configuration are represented as follows:

  • Name of the profile is set as “Default Random way point”
  • Random way point is set as the Mobility model
  • Constant speed is selected
  • Constant pause time is selected
  • Constant start time is selected
  • The stop time is simulation ending

                             After setting all these required modification to the mobile configuration, this constant velocity and this pattern is used by all the nodes in the simulation. The steps that are to be followed for this purpose are firstly the topology menu must be selected and then give right click on random mobility, then the mobility profile must be selected and then a warning window will appear and then can continue by clicking on ok button, then the default random way point can be selected by clicking on ok button.

When an arrow is observed in the work space over the mobile nodes then it is indicated that the implementation of mobile configuration is successful. The screen shots that can explain all these procedures are attached with the appendix section to provide clear understanding. Then the next step to this is setting the DES statistics individually.

This paper is written and submitted by Sujana Priya V.

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