Mobile Computing Seminar

Introduction to Mobile Computing Seminar Topic:

This is the technology which permits the user to transfer the data from computer to another having a fixed host to it.  This technologies is due to two main parts mainly the appearances of powerful portals and secondly the quick development system. The definition of the mobile computer is a device which permits the user to transfer the data without any connection to the wireless links or layers. Mobile Voice Communication has increased its development all over the world and becoming more popular day by day.

The classes belonging to the mobile computing are Display Only which only displays the limited processing session. Laptop Computer which is also known as Think Pad model and Personal Digital Assistant which works somewhere in this streams. Talking about the wireless communication its attributes are the harsh communication environments which has better video conferencing service, Connections and disconnections which has the failure of the networks in common. Low bandwidth and variable bandwidth are the other related attributes.

  The applications of the mobile computing in all over the world are for Builders agents, Emergency services, police departments, in courts, in companies, market information, credit card access, taxi dispatch, email etc… the challenging of the mobile computing fields are prototyping, this prototype collects all the information and details that are missing in the results sets.

Bandwidth utilization which refers to the concepts like the data broadcast, indexes and much more… Transactional properties which works for the mobile applications that has a practical conclusion. Data visualization and Optimization of networks are other few related attributes.

By going through the fastest increment in the mobile computing technologies the future devices seems to me existing. As this is used in many application programs this devices is going to be very useful in the upcoming future days. The need for the mobile computers will be on large demands in the coming future.

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