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Mobile Banking GPRS Telecom Project


          In today’s current scenario, the need of the hour is to improve and enhance the way banking transactions are done. To make use of computerized banking, one needs to be in the vicinity of banks to go there. ATM has also minimized our banking procedures but even then one needs to physically to the ATM to operate. Internet banking is the next big leap. However one needs to have an internet connection to access it.Mobile-banking-GPRS-Telecom-Project

   The project “Mobile banking GPRS Telecom project” explains the concept of using mobile phone for banking operations. This system generates a term that is E-cash which allows round the clock transactions. The technology that is required to implement this technology on phones is J2ME and GPRS connectivity on your mobile. Oracle 9i is used for database.


             The project Mobile banking explains all the technologies that are used by a mobile to carry out transactions. The Java platform is for mobile devices and is known as J2ME. It was introduced by Sun technologies in the year 1999 for mobile devices. This is a subset of Java 2 standard edition. It is used for programming purposes for the mobile device. GPRS is another technology used and stands for General Packet Radio service.”

        The GPRS technology allows more data transmission and enables faster communication with the service provider. Data is transmitted in terms of packets. For extensive connectivity, MIDP is used as it also offers end-to-end security. Oracle 9i is used for the process of data recovery and is internet based. Also it is easy to use for mobile banking transactions.


       The project discussed here can be applied to a wide variety of applications. It can be used for hotel reservations, flight reservations, mobile shopping and in security systems. In the future through mobile banking one could have loan access facility, DD orders etc.

download Project Report of CSE Mobile banking GPRS Telecom Project .

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