Mobile Agent Intrusion Detection System Project Report

Introduction to Mobile Agent Intrusion Detection System Project:

Intrusion detection system is the problem of identifying an unauthorized use of the computer i.e. crackers and also those who have legitimate access and he abuses his privilege of the system i.e. insider threat. Intrusion detection techniques are categorized into two:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Misuse detection

Anomaly detection is based on an action that significantly deviates from the normal behavior are sad to be as intrusion. Anomaly detection permits detection for previously unknown attacks, this feature causes large number of false occurring when an IDS sends an message on an event that is not intrusion    

Mobile Agent Technology: Mobile agent can be defined as an autonomous program that halt themselves and which migrate to other host

The main important properties of IMA-IDS components are:

  • Information collection and filtering
  • Collector agent
  • Agent communication protocol
  • Correlate agent
  • Analyzer agent
  • Manager agent
  • Registry agent
  • Ids host agent
  • Peer to peer communication (Mono cast)
  • Indirect communication (Multicast)

IMA IDS Framework has been divided into

  • Mobile agent paradigm
  • Proposed framework for IDS: There are mainly 5 layers ,  Collection Layer, Formal Layer, Decision Making Layer, Notifying Layer, Management Layer respectively
  • Stimulation and result : software for each agents are written in SUN Java JDK, this code finds out the intrusion and takes necessary action
  • User profile  : it is used to store details for user identification, which is used for different authentication
  • Process profile : According to the user profile software decides what process should be used by the user, each user contains a process profile with necessary information
  • Finding Intrusion 

This paper represents a network intrusion system using mobile agent, which can detect user anomalies. The system can detect unauthorized use of program and excess use of system resources can be detected in the user level. The program helps to detect the intrusion whenever it occurs in very less time which will be useful for large networks

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