Mobile Agent Based Fault Tolerance Module

Once the failures are detected, now the users can choose the mobile agent based fault tolerance option to detect and rectify these failures.  A separate mobile agent is maintained in this application that will detect the failures from the database table and also suggests the corresponding solutions to these options. Users can click on the Run agent button to suggest the possible solutions to these failures and they are as explained below 

If there are any link failures to the network, this agent will suggest the alternative links and this could be something like if there is a failure from Server A to any other client, this mobile agent will scan the network and suggests alternative links to the client or server via other clients or servers. Now the users can choose the best alternative to set the link up and once done the link status is set to On and the users can proceed with the communication. 

If there are any distributed network failures and users cant use this option, the corresponding mobile agent can rectify this issue in the following way. Now the mobile agent will add more servers to the application and add the new clients to those servers on a temporary basis and ensure the distributed network option works fine and will delete these servers once the actual problem is rectified and the status of the distributed network is set to On and the users can use this option in a similar and previous manner. 

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