Minor Project on File Search Engine

Introduction to Minor Project on File Search Engine:

The aim of this project is search the all files with in the computer. It is developed using Java Development Kit and net bean. The software provides various features like it provides location of files and also files with similar names this would be helpful if the correct name of the file is unknown the user can also search the file by specifying the extensions like. Avi, .mp4, .doc, .exe. The software also provides help in finding a file by typing any part of the string .It also provides various possible names when the user searches for a file. Anyone can use this software with basic computer knowledge and it is user-friendly software.


It is a standard alone application software so it can cover huge users. The computers that are using this software have access to all files that stored in secondary memory (Hard Disk).   This software can even run on a system with lower configuration without internet connection. There is no need of knowing exact file name or extension.


 The software is independent of configuration.

 It is compatible with windows as well as Linux.

 No necessary file extension or name.


This software being configuration it can be used on any system. The scope of the software is very vast so this software can be widely used. This reduces the work task in searching a file in the entire hard disk by just specifying extension or any part of filename. This software easy to maintain

Download  Minor Project on File Search Engine.

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