Mini Project Report for CSE on Internet Banking

Introduction to Mini Project Topic on Internet Banking:

Internet has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, and it has brought about a tremendous amount of change in the banking industry as well. It has been accepted that the internet can help to further improve retail financial services, in the bank industry, than in any other industry.

What banking over the internet includes is the use of the web for the distribution of various services and products related to the banking industry. This is divided into four main groups starting from level 1 that are those sites that have minimum function and when accessed can provide data that is only related to deposit accounts. Level 4 is the highest of this group, which are those sites that have the maximum sophistication and also offers additional data of integrated sales and other financial services like investments, and insurances. 

To try and put it in a nutshell, the advantages of making use of internet banking facilities are:

  • The rates on savings, IRAs and CDs are exceptional
  • One can check the rebate on the ATM surcharge and pay bills free of charge and will not have to pay any monthly fee for this benefit
  • The account can be accessed throughout the 24 hours.
  • One will also get credit cards that have very low rates
  • The application that has to be made online is very easily done for all tasks that include plea for mortgages and personal loans
  • There is a vast improvement on the quality of customer service as personal attention is given to each and every client 

Internet banking has been developed and has become popular because customer satisfaction has to be maintained. By adopting internet banking, banks also have been making more profits than they were before. Transaction of every kind has been made easy with its introduction.

Download  Mini Project Report for CSE on Internet Banking.

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