Mind-Reading Computer Seminar Report

Introduction to Mind-Reading Computer Seminar Topic:

A computer means a device for which time related concept is very useful and consummating. This device can solve anything in fraction of seconds and by the growing technology now a day’s mind reading computer are also been developed that are capable of reading minds of humans too..

 This is considered as the lab stunt. Human beings and specially people show their feelings and emotions by the way of facial expressions. When we users communicate with the system computers our mind creates an atmosphere on how we make contacts with others and this even harms our all over progress. So here an application is made where it can read the minds of the people.

 The model of mind reading is developed at the University of Cambridge where the lab team members worked parallel for it. This device called mind reading system gives the information about the person’s mental condition as with the text with the mouse and the keyboards.

The working of the device is like this device when the helmet like structure is fixed on the persons head it firstly measures the volume of oxygen level and also the blood pressure too. This technology uses the fNIRS called as the Functional near-infrared spectroscopy. This headband structure then creates the results and then this result is then classified and compared with the MRI section and then it shows the mind reading of the mentioned person.

The advantages and the uses of the mind reading computer are the mind controlled wheel chair made by the Japan communications. It also has some dis-advantages like trapping brains for future crimes. This will be a great if terrorist or other criminals are trapped by the mind reading device. By it has some sort of dis-advantages.

Researches are in process where the developers are trying to the reply the brain reading tasks successfully. These increasing difficulties of the task mean while the computer absorbs the light that the device sends it.

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