Micro Mouse Computer Science Seminar Report

Introduction to Micro Mouse Computer Science Seminar Topic:

The Micro mouse has known for the little but microprocessor regulated machine that is used to explore the functions without any support. The Micro mouse is the amazing result of the “Mechatronics” embedded itself with the computer, electronics and the mechanical technology. The fundamental aim for the participant has been a integrating the Micro mouse with an acquired intelligence to take out the various maze structures for maximum resulting way in a lowest travel time even from the initial to end level.  The first ever maze solving mouse trouble was encountered in the 1950’s in the Massachudetts Institute of Technology. The starting competition for the contest held in 1979 which has winner Moonlight Flash actually a dumb wall follower mouse.

 Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the project has to develop the Mouse Robot. The work of the Mouse Robot is to look the route from the farthest cell to the any of the cell in the maze at no time. The trial till the shortest time travelled by the mouse robot can be set as the standard time of travel. The focus for the developing of the mouse robot is running itself with the programming. The robot mouse with many trials finally finds the way to get in the final cell.

The designing of the robot needs three basic elements, the electronics, the mathematics and the programming technology.

The electronic approach deals with the robot transfer from one area to other area. The mathematical approach deals with arrival of the final cell to solve algorithm. The programming approach will follow to develop a program.

Working of the Micro Mouse

The Microcontroller sends signal to the DC motor to start.

The infrared signals identify the obstacles that come in the way of robot. The sensor sends back the voltage signal to the Micro controller about the distance of the obstacles. As per the obstacle the Microcontroller sends the signal to the motor to change the way. 

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