Micro Electro Mechanical Systems PPT Presentation

Introduction to Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Presentation:

Micro electro mechanical systems which are abbreviated as the MEMS are the combination of electrical and mechanical devices and structures by the specific standard scale. The work of the MEMS is to perform the mathematical tasks which are critical for the conventional technologies. These devices are used in various other streams like automobile, medicals, aerospace’s, communication purpose and much more. The well know department called the NASA uses this technology at a very high scale.

Micro electro mechanical systems help in saving the power and also reduce the price which direct targets the advantage for the cost purpose.  These devices are mainly used in space craft’s where topic of temperature matters. There are three types of micro electro devices mainly the sensor, the actuator and last the smart MEMS. The sensor transfers the non electrical commands and codes to electrical output, and the actuator does the opposite of that of the sensor converting electrical to non electrical and the smart MEMS is the fusion of the electrical circuits.

 Some of the MEMS devices used normally are the Micro Heat Pipe which is used in space to give high temperature paths, Silicon Satellites which are which are also known as nano satellites which is used for constructing and testing the architectural design and development. Silicon satellites are more classified into the sub types named as the Micro satellite, nano satellite, Pico satellite and the Femo satellites.

 Micro electro mechanical system has now a day become the devices that keep the world in the development stages and for specially for the stream of science space and technology. In the upcoming future this MEMS will work on maintaining the protocols because it results to be the better device for such work purpose and also these micro electro mechanical systems will become very important in the need and use same like the random access memory chips used now a days. 

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