Mesh Algorithm in Parallel Processing PPT

Parallel processing: When several processing takes place simultaneously with many processors work together then it is said parallel processing. It is used in powerful computers where different jobs occur at the same time. In this large problems are broken into small sub problems and that sub problems are solved simultaneously on different processors which reduce the work time. Pipelines are also used to increase the work time of computers/processors.

Computational model: The instructions which tells the computers which steps to be performed. They are of four types:

-single instruction stream, single data stream (SISD)

-multiple instruction stream, single data stream (MISD)

-single instruction stream, multiple data stream (SIMD)

-multiple instruction stream, multiple data stream (MIMD)

Mesh: it is a grid of (a*y) having processor at each point of grid which has some memory from RAM that used by processor to calculate arithmetic, logic operations etc.

Packet routing: single inter processor connections in fixed network, such that each processor information has to be sent to others known as packet routing.  Bandwidth of channel are limited to access and restricted,   so that we can use one packet of the channel at a time. Efficiency of packet route algorithm depends upon time ittake to run, and to complete the work, and how many packets are stored by the processor.

CONCLUSION: parallel processing reduces the work time of computer by dividing the task into small subtask by communicating with other task also. Mesh algorithm is the best example of it.

Download Mesh Algorithm in Parallel Processing PPT and seminar topic.

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