Media in Motion Project Report

Introduction to Media in Motion Project:

Media in motion project explains about concept of client interacting with moving image and media files between client and server. This application is a web based solution for accessing video and audio files. Using this system we can deliver manage and deliver video, music related data. Media in motion provides access point for storing media files in to database and mange media files using a admin panel and provide a user friendly interface for viewers to watch video. User can select from the given list on his own interest and listen to songs and view video content which acts as customer view. For any video and audio sharing site bandwidth is important factor. As the uploaded content varies its size based on quality of data and bit rate. Providing high bandwidth is a tough task in order to solve this problem we use a converter for converting uploaded content in to low bit rate which will reduce quality and size of digital data.  In this application we use windows media encoder to convert different bit rates and control quality. 

This application provides different service like online video and audio type conversions. Users can upload and download videos and even covert downloaded data to different formats. Mash up encoding module consists of online editing option through which users can add multiple video files edit existing video files and upload to server. Admin will manage these videos and announce winners for every week. 

Students can find more related project reports and documents from this site with source code for free download. 

Download Media in motion project Abstract. 

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