Introduction to  Power Generation from Speed Breakers through Air Compression Method Seminar Topic:

The main aim of this paper is to generate power from speed breakers. As we know electricity plays an important role in human life. Each and every equipment rely’s on electricity. In our day to day life, on roads we do come across many speed breakers. Many vehicles pass through them daily. This is to say that we can generate electricity from these speed breakers without using any resources such as coal, water etc. This electricity being generated from speed breakers is eco-friendly and can help mankind.

Brief into design and working:

Generally, speed breakers are made of tar. Here in case of this, speed breakers are made of vibrating type i.e springs. The speed breakers are in trapezoid shape. When the vehicle passes through them the spring is compressed and the air at the base will be compressed. In pneumatic design, it consists of cylinder, nozzle.

The cylinder  has the FRL joined to that. The pressure inside this FRL makes the nozzle to open and this converts the energy into  kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is given to the impeller. The alternator which is present at the impeller acts as an electric generator, this works under the faraday’s principle.

The mechanical energy generated is given as input to the alternator and it converts into electrical energy. The electrical energy generated is about 10kw. Casing is the most important one. If the casing is properly done, this can avoid many problems. 

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