Mechanical Project Report on Mobile 3D Visualization for Construction

Introduction to Mobile 3D Visualization for Construction Project:

Software named CAD in the past decades was used to create a 2D spectrum programs and conversion it to the 3D spectrum. The hardware used here to execute this program is the mainframes to the desktop of the system computers and the laptops. The storage of the system computers have now become an increment steps from the mega bytes to giga bytes too. Connections and communication between the servers and the computer has now advanced to the availability of the modems which allows us to access the internet service.

Now a day’s computers are made micro that it is also named as the Pocket Mobile Computers abbreviated as the PDA. Now talking about the hardware used here is the Windows CE operating system or the Palm computers. This PDA has a normally screen resolution as 240 X 320 pixels. This resolution has a limitation of 2D or 3D detailed information that can be displayed. Standard method of designing the data on computers where never a proper choice. While the devices like the Palm top has an 8 MB of virtual memory and other devices too have as their brands.

 The characteristics of the palm and the pocket pc are these both gadgets are similar in size and as well as shape too. These both can also be carried inside one pocket at a time. As like the desktops system computers this PDA also has a configurations of the hardware like the Processor type, Clock speed, storage space, peripheral interfaces etc… 

This device gives the graphics of the 3d View which can even be showed on the Pocket Personal Computers. These devices are developed by the CIS2 documents and files by using various protocols. These pockets PC are of limited size and which can also show a 3D view in the upcoming future days. In the next coming approximate seven to eight years it will made a experimental survey that will show  view of the PDA  at various sites.

 Download  Mechanical Project Report on Mobile 3D Visualization for Construction .

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