McDonald’s Management System Project


 This McDonald’s Management System project is aimed at developing an online application for the McDonald’s. The system is an online application & Our project provides  the details of the different branches located all over India and the objective of making this,you can easily place your order from anywhere who- had internet access.

The objectives of the system are:-

  • Increases accuracy and reliability.
  • Increases operational efficiency.
  • This is most efficient way to get more variety of McDonald’s food packages.
  • To reduces paperwork.
  • Reduces operational time.
  • Reduces workers.


The proposed McDonald’s Management System is to make an online web portal for anyone, situated anywhere in the world. So that everyone can get information about the different branches of McDonald’s in all over the India.User can easily access the website and can place your order online. The proposed system could be accessed from any corner of the world.

  • To overcome the drawbacks of present system and ease the working of such consultancies my project comes into the pi
  • Software is multi-functional which includes food packages, online order placement, user reviews, online payments, etc.

The new system has:-

  • Easy to use GUI interface.
  • Customers can register online no rush for registration on the website.
  • Customers can get information about the different food beverages by email or message automatically.
  • Customers can get new offers on food through emails and discounts on food.
  • List of food items can be made on single click.
  • Customers can view images of variety of food which can attract the customer.
  • Customer can place their order and can see food packages online.
  • Customers can also do online payment to their purchased order.


The present existing system of managing system of booking of food packages is done manually which is to lengthy and tedious. Its difficult to Keep the records of the customer booking food beverages.Need to maintain customer order records.


  • It is very difficult and time consuming to maintain all the details in the registers when the organization is very big.
  • There is also possibility of mismatching of entries during entry of reco
  • Information is stored manualy which requires time and large storage space.
  • Searching particular record is very tedious job, it takes lot of time.


This McDonald’s Management System project has a large scope as it has the following features which help in making it easy to use,understand and modify it:

  • Place an order on single click
  • No need to search a signal food, there are lots of food packages and variety.
  • To save time.
  • To increase the accuracy and efficiency of information.

This software package can be readily used by non-programming personal avoiding human

handled chance of error. This McDonald’s Management System project is used by anyone.

It is user friendly.

New features can be added as per requirements.


  • Simplified Management of various food packages and availability.
  • Online bill generation.
  • Type of payment selection.
  • Real-time Information through system alerts.


By preparing some questionnaires so as to study the actual problems being faced by the

workers in the current method of functioning. It was a kind of informal interview.

These were some of the question I asked:

  • What are the problems existing system?
  • What all facilities do you expect from the new System?
  • What all changes do you want?
  • Which kind of new Functionalities are required?
  • What kind of design you need, etc.

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