MCA seminar topic on Computer Graphics and Image Processing

Introduction to   Computer Graphics and Image Processing MCA seminar topic:

It is a sub class of computer science and is relevant by calculating and handling physical imaginary composition. Graphics is often differentiated from the field of visualization, although the two have many similarities.

There are Various Branches of computer science:-

  1. Modeling: – Modeling describes the shape of an object.
  2. Shading: – Texturing, or in most cases, shading is the process of describing surface appearance. This is done in shading.
  3. Animation: – Animation refers to the carnaldescription of object.
    1. Rendering: – It changes model into image ,

There are two types of techniques:-

  1. One dimensional Technique
  2. Two dimensional Technique

One Dimensional contains some sub types:-

  1. Image resolution
  2. Pixel resolution
  3. Spatial resolution
  4. Spectral resolution
  5. Temporal resolution

Two Dimensional contains some sub types:-

  1. Connectivity

It Also contains Various Applications:-

  1. 1.   Photography and printing
  2. 2.   Medical image processing
  3. 3.   Face detection
  4. 4.   Microscope image processing

Typical Problems faced while processing images:-

  • Complete geometric change such as expansion, gyration etc…
  • Color editing like bright adjustment and clearance adjustments etc…
  • Alignment of two or more images
  • Union of two images.
  • Confidential statement and improvement of an image from a basic image.
  • Fragmentation of the image into parts.
  • Image editing and digital adjustment.
  • Enlarge dynamic range by mixing abnormally disclosed images. 


It Features a good introductory image-processing program. There are many more critical updates that can make to the images. The three colored image created by the SDSS are very interesting.  An image which is altered to show a bland luminous body that cannot be in use for learning the physical foundation of a nebula in the related territory.

The software can calculate the ra, dec, and magnitude of objects in the field if the user has a star catalog such as the Hubble Guide Star Catalog.

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