MCA Seminar Reports on Pen Computer P-ISM

Introduction to  Pen Computer P-ISM Seminar Topic:

Pen computing allots a user-interface using a pen and tablet than a keyboard/ mouse. This is the forthcoming computers that can carry in bags and pocket.

This “pen sort of instrument” generates the monitor & keyboard on plain area by which we can access it same like the desktop computers.

This pen carries some main Functions:-

1. A pen-style cellular phone with a handwriting data input function,

2. Virtual keyboard,

3. A very small projector,

4. Camera scanner,

5. Personal ID key with cashless pass function.

This pen can also be connected by Bluetooth and can be access together.

The Generating techniques of pen computing are:-

  1. Pointing/Locator Input.
  2. Hand writing recognition.
  3. Direct manipulation.
  4. Gesture Recognition.

Download  MCA Seminar Reports on Pen Computer P-ISM .

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