MBA Seminar Topic on Environment Friendly Car

 According to this article world consists of different communities of people and in the same way each individual has their own behavior and preferences. According to this article, many research studies are carried out in order to explain the buying behavior of customer but still there are many implications to those studies. Human beings are the types of creatures who cannot understand their own mindset. Human mind change according to their behavior and human behavior can be controlled only by mind. Especially when individuals purchase any item their behavior changes continuously and they always look for alternate options and compare the current product with competitor products. This article explained the theoretical background and conceptual framework to understand changing behavior of consumers. According to this article male and females have individual buying behavior and they change according to their mindset.

Finally this article reveals that companies should identify buying behavior of customers in order to satisfy their requirements and get profits and benefits. The future work is required in order to explain the actual buying behavior patterns of consumers while buying cars.

This article includes information on buying behavior of customers, which is the significant aspect in the entire research process because the actual research problem is to identify the buying behavior of the customers.

Consumer Behavior

 Every consumer needs some product according to his or her preference for different purposes. According to this article the buying behavior of customers is entirely based on social and cultural background of the customer. Companies are facing many problems in identifying likes and dislikes of the customers. This article gives the detailed information on consumer behavior and different aspects involved in consumer behavior process. This article even revealed the information on marketing strategies to be followed by the companies in order to identify the actual wants and needs of the customers. According to the information specified in this article the market analysis process includes 4C policies such as consumer, conditions, competitor and companies. Finally this article concludes that consumers are the persons who change their buying behavior according to the type of product and company.

Future work is required to this article in order to explain the detailed information on changing behavior of the customers.

This particular article is taken into because this article explained the clear factors on consumer buying behavior of the customers when they buy cars which are the main aspect in the entire research process.

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