MBA Seminar Topic on Automobile Marketing in India

According to the report of (2009) Indian automobile industry is the lucrative industry with more competitors in the marketplace. The competitive nature is very high in Indian companies, which are allowing them to use more marketing strategies in order to balance the competition and get competitive benefits. In order to reach end customers every company uses different marketing strategies to attract them and improve their sales. If competition is high among the companies, then customers will be benefited more with efficient services offered by the companies. Depending on the company standards the marketing process varies and most of the car companies will use online and on field marketing processes in order to sale their cars. Advertisements are showing major impact on the consumers through which they take decisions whether to buy the product or not. In this particular situation companies should successfully implement appropriate marketing strategies within their marketing process. Especially celebrity advertisements are impacting the customers and their interest towards specific product.

Finally this article concludes that marketing strategies are the only aspects that allow the companies to understand wants and needs of the customers and get competitive benefits. Future work is required in order to explain the importance of marketing strategies to the car companies.

This article is related to car marketing strategies which is one of the major aspect in the research process and for this reason this article information is included in the research process.

Research Methodology 

Research Methodology is the aspect, which includes different methods and frameworks in order to get the solution to the problems that take place in the research process. The Research methodology includes different methods such as Quantitative research, Qualitative research and mixed research method. These research methods include many data collection sources, which are as follows:

Research Method Selected

In order to gather the essential information required for the research process the quantitative and qualitative research methods are taken into consideration. By using the quantitative research method the required information on the Indian automobile industry, buying of customers, TATA-NANO and car marketing strategies is gathered from different types of primary sources of information like articles, journals, case studies and web related documents from internet sources without violating the previous scholar’s information. By using the qualitative research method the researcher is conducting the interviews and surveys on the automobile industry, Tata Nano and car buying of the customers by preparing a set of research questionnaires. In order to select the participants the researcher is using sampling techniques by which the required participants for the research interviews will be selected. In order to conduct the research interview the researcher should have good knowledge on the research topic and should be capable of answering any type of questions from the participants. The specific timetable will be prepared for the research interview that clearly specifies, why, what and where to conduct the research interviews and surveys. 

Research Design

According to views of Polit & Beck (2008) research design is the specific type of approach used to schedule the plans for research process that will help the researcher to plan what, when and where to do. The experimental as well as the non-experimental are the two types of research designs used for methodology aspects, and the specific research design will be selected depending on the type of research method. In this research process both experimental and non-experimental research designs are taken into consideration because both quantitative and qualitative research methods are used in the research data collection process.

Polit & Beck (2008) stated that experimental research design process includes different types of consistent opinions and for this specific reason this research design is widely accepted for qualitative research based studies. This study is based on qualitative and quantitative research methods through which opinions of earlier scholars and survey process on participant opinions will be taken into consideration. Surveys and interviews are the major processes involved in research design process that can be used to collect essential research data from participants. Researcher conducted survey on automobile industry in order to gather the opinions and views of different authors (Parahoo, 1997). 

Data Collection process

Saunders (2006) stated that there are two different types of data collection methods such as primary data collection method as well as secondary data collection method that are explained in detail as follows:

Primary data

  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Discussions and
  • Questionnaires

Secondary data

  • Articles
  • Journals
  • Books
  • Scholar reviews
  • Web documents

Population and sample

According to the views of Cooper, D. R. & Schindler, P. S. (2001), sample size is the process of identification of total number of participants involved in the research process. In this research study the researcher-conducted survey on Tata Nano Car by including 20 individuals working in Tata Motors in order to gather their opinions on Nano car. On the other hand, the researcher even considered 40 customers who are already using cars and 40 customers who are willing to buy the car soon. The total sample size is 100 through which each and every participant will be interviewed with questions on automobile industry.


The sample measurement will be carried out by using probability and non-probability techniques and 20workers, 40existing customers and 40new customers are the actual samples of the research process and the final sample size of research is 100.

Ethical Considerations

The ethical issues are the types of aspects that specify the individuality of the researcher while conducting the research process. In order to complete the research process successfully the researcher followed the required ethics and morals. The authentication methods are significant ethical considerations for the secondary source of data, the researcher followed these authentication methods to gather the data from secondary data sources. On the other hand the participant’s interest towards the research is the other significant ethical aspect, which should be taken into consideration. The researcher selected and included the participants according to their interest towards the research without troubling them and finally completed the research process in a reliable manner. 

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