MBA Seminar Report on Business Accounting Software for Grain’s Shoppe

Introduction to Business Accounting Software for Grain’s Shoppe:

The motive to develop this software is to reduce paper work and to get full information about company. The bills of sale purchase and transaction can be generated from this software. It the best software to handle all the process of the shopee. Only an authorized person like owner has the username and password   to access the software. Profit and loss of the company can be determined fro this software.

Purpose of the software:-Farmers kept their record of farming and economy by their old traditional way which includes lots of paperwork and paper loss so to solve this problem this software is design. By the help of this software we can get the detail of any transaction of any date any year at any time. This software helps to do work at faster speed and do transaction at faster speed. It information of our business in few seconds. We can retrieve information from it easily and quickly. It is reliable on the system.

Requirement Determination: – For this software we require windows xp operating system. It should have visual basic in front end and MS-access in back end. Its hardware requirement is that it must have Pentium processor 4(Intel), minimum 40 hard disk, minimum 256MB RAM, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

For this software we have to make some assumption that company should have no branch and transaction should be done under one roof. Company can purchase it from vendors. Customer can purchase various types of things. Separate bills can be generated for sale. This software can keep record of all the workers.

Conclusion:-Now a day’s computer is become our need but in many places the old traditional methods is used. It is very easy method to keep record of all information of company. It is very simple project to keep record of information.

 Download  MBA Seminar Report on Business Accounting Software for Grain’s Shoppe.

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