MBA Research Findings from the Opinion of Employees in an Organization

Research Findings from the Opinion of Employees

As the main aim of this project is evaluate the employee job satisfaction against the organization strategies, front line employees are interviewed with respect to their opinion on the organizational strategies and their job satisfaction and the key research findings are given as below. The opinions of the employees are gathered from the semi –structured interviews are gathered and consolidated to answer the research problem in this section.  Communication plays a key role in the discussion of the strategy with the employees and understanding of the strategy by the employees.

The impact of strategy communication on the performance of employee is deduced here with the help of the opinions from the respondents through a questionnaire.  Some of the respondents expressed that they are unclear about the strategy. When probed further into the issue, they opined that they are suffered from the communication gap. The strategic decisions are generally made by the top-level management and they expressed that they don’t have a team leader to explain the strategies clearly and guide them accordingly. While few of the employees expressed that their performance improved as they have a clear picture of the strategy and their work is directed towards the strategy. The role of employee in making the strategy successful is the issue to be probed.

When the insights of the employees are gathered about this issue, some of them agreed that employees play a major role in the successful implementation of the strategy. They expressed that though the top level management play anchor role in designing the strategy, the major chunk of success should be attributed to the team effort of the employees in the implementation of the strategy. While few others opined that it is only because of the effective management practices that make the strategy implementation successful as they argue that management is the art of getting work done. When it comes to the issue of descriptive planning, most of the employees are biased about their opinions on it.

The response was one sided and they said that descriptive strategic planning played a key role in converting the organization goals into reality. Some of the milestones and achievements of the company are voiced out in the strategic meetings and these achievements induce a kind of positive will and attitude among the employees to perform better and these serve as a driving force in meeting the targets. The effect of management on the functioning of the strategy is not undermined. The strategic goals and objectives of the company are generally delegated to the next level of management down the management hierarchy for the disposal to the employees. So, in this process the strategy is passed on from the top level management to the operating work force down the line through successive managers in the hierarchy.

Some of the employees expressed that their productivity is low compared to other teams. When asked about the reason for their low performance, they said that they are not divulged properly by our team manager and they said that the team manager is not affable to discuss the company goals and objectives. While some employees said the productivity of their team is much better and they attributed their success in productivity to their team manager who clearly discussed about the company goals and objectives.  Some employees are motivated with the meaningful work. Meaningful work is nothing but significance attached to the performance of that work in the long run for the company.

A few employees expressed a similar opinion that they feel motivated to work when the work is deemed to be meaningful in the sense that they feel satisfied for their contribution to the company and being a part of the success of the company. While some respondents expressed that they are not much bothered about the significance of the work and it does not affect their performance in any way. When probed about the issue of recognition of their performance from the employees, employees came up with mixed responses. They said that it largely depends on the managers under which they work. Few workers expressed their satisfaction because of the recognition they get from the managers for their performance. They said that the appreciation received from the managers serves as a motivating factor for them and it affects their performance in a positive way. A few bunch of employees even expressed that their managers granted them appraisals as a reward for their performance.

There are some employees who felt that their manager is indifferent and they said there is no personal review of their work. Training is a part of effective communication of the strategy. The orientation or the induction program helps the new employees in knowing about the strategic goals and objectives of the company early on in their career. This makes a large difference in the performance of the employees later on. Some of the employees expressed they are not comfortable in voicing their concerns with their manager as he is not affable. While others opined that they don’t mind in voicing their opinions with their manager and they believed that such interaction would benefit the team and contribute for a better team performance. 


Complete research findings based on the opinion of different respondents like the operational managers, area managers and frontline employees is given in this chapter. From the findings it is clear the role of the mangers is really important to decide the fate of the strategies being implemented and also the employees are involved at the required levels regarding the strategy development process. Team meeting and review meetings are used as the platform to communicate the production and distribution strategies and even email communication is done at some cases. Employees are made to understand the current strategies and also any changes in the strategies by the managers to make sure their job satisfaction and performance is improved and the actual analysis based on these findings is done in the next chapter. 

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