MBA Project Research Methodology



This research methodology deals with several data collection methods and techniques that makes researcher to make work easier and to collect valuable data from respondents. In this research researcher explained the purpose of choosing this type of method and the design for the research. In this research researcher used survey method to collect data from respondents.

Methodology will not express precise techniques; however it will indicate various courses of actions that require to be pursued. These practices represent a common outline. It might be classified in sub-practices, it might be united, or its series might alter. Nonetheless, whichever assignment works out has to complete these practices in one or the other way.

Methodology could explanation of procedure, or might be prolonged to contain a theoretically logical gathering of hypothesis, notions otherwise thoughts as they concern to an exact research or area of investigation. 

Method might define an easy group of techniques or actions, or else it might pass on to the underlying principle as well as the theoretical postulations that inspire a definite revise concern to the systematic process. For instance, academic writing frequently contains a part on the method of the researchers.


                                            The method of research used by the researcher is survey method that gives data on present situation of consumer behaviour on tourism and also up to date data gathering on field. This method is chosen because the researcher is working on behaviour of consumer in tourism that deals with their status of mind and ideas. For this, researcher has designed a questionnaire that helps to collect data which is very easy to take opinions of respondents. This method is completely deals with their own answers that there is no need of getting confusion with the data. 

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