MBA Project on Corporate Executives On Pursuing Higher Studies:


  1. To analyze the level of awareness among corporate executives on pursuing higher studies from top premier Business schools without leaving their city.
MBA Project Report on Corporate Finance


  1. To determine which media influencing the target segment.
  2. To analyze the potential corporate executives those who are have willingness to enhance skills and knowledge using this facilities.
  3. To best our suggestions in the light of findings of the study for the improvement of Direcway Global Education.  


Consumer Awareness has become one threshold in the marketing Research. Every organization is very keen to make a study on Identifying awareness towards its products (i.e. offering courses from top business schools). The very existence of any organization depends on the consumer awareness towards his products. 

The researcher has done the project on Identifying awareness among corporate executives on pursuing higher studies from top B’ schools” is the subject of the study at Direcway Global Education,Coimbatore. Since the Direcway offered courses from Premium Business schools such as IIM, XLRI and IIFT etc. have reached 50% of the corporate sectors.

The company is very keen to know the reasons for its lack of market penetration and to make suitable and remedial actions to competitors. The consumer study has gained momentum and organizations are striving hard to get inputs from the consumer’s about these needs for pursuing the courses from this intuition. So a study of this kind is done to capture the insights of consumers towards Direcway Global Education.


  1. The study is confined inCoimbatorecity only.
  2. Cost of data collection is high.
  3. Only the corporate executive’s limit the data collection.
  4. Due to time constraints, the sample size is restricted to 300.

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