MBA Project Literature Review on Urban Transport in India

Shreekant Gupta (2008), revealed his opinion on Nano that it is the low cost car introduced with huge hype and expectations. This article included different opinions of business analysts on Nano car. The engine and other specifications of Nano are explained along with its actual fuel efficiency of 18-20 kilometers per one liter. This article explained the actual reason behind the establishment of Nano car by its chairperson Rata Tata specifying that his father was maintaining a scooter by which their entire family members cannot travel. Then Ratan Tata decided to establish a low cost car that can carry entire family once and introduced Nano in order to fulfill the needs of middle-income customers. This article even revealed the automobile domestic sales trends of Indian auto market. According to this article, buying behavior of car is entirely based on car price and income of the customer willing to buy the car. Nowadays, every Indian is having a minimum income through which they are capable of buying Nano car. According to this article the actual price of Tata Nano car starts from 10,000, 125,000 and 150,000. Tata motors are even offering easy loan facility to Nano car in order to sale their cars to all average income people.

Future work is required in order to explain the detailed features and specifications of Nano car through which reader can easily buy Nano car.

 The Tata Nano car is taken as example for the research process and information on Nano car is considered from this particular article because it specified the significant information on Tata Nano car which is essential to fulfill the research requirements.

Tata Nano Car – World Cheapest Car

Kate Cadbury (2008) acknowledged that in the world automobile industry Tata Motors created a new trend of offering world’s cheapest car to get competitive advantages among the competitors. According to this author views Tata Motors change the dream of middle class people into reality and allowed many middle-income people to become car owners. Automobile industry is the most competitive industry in the World when compared with other industries, which needs more competitive steps to be taken to stand in the competition. Many inventions have taken place in automobile industry and many companies proved their competitive standards in the market. Among the total inventions, Tata Nano is the biggest competitive success in the world, which has shown major impact on automobile industry. Nano car even allowed international companies to think strategically to satisfy customers of all ends and they are planning to give competition to Nano car. According to this article Nano car is made up of steel parts and aluminum engine with Air conditioner and these features clearly specifies the strategic thinking of Tata motors to satisfy the customers.

Finally this article concludes that Nano has changed the innovation history of automobile industry but future work is required on this article in order to explain the added advantages of Tata Nano car.

This article is taken into consideration to fulfill the research requirements by taking Nano car as example because Tata Nano is one of the significant aspects in the entire research process.

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